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              Laws of the People's Republic of China on Coprporate Income Tax han been approved by the 5th pleanary of the 10th National People's Congress on March 16th,2007 and shall come into force as of January 1st,2008. According to the new law,the income tax rate of companies with foreign investment is 25%,which is the same as of companies with domestic investment. Only the encouraged projects and Industries according with th...[details]
              Projects of Investment In Jiangbei [Menu]An Introduction to the Land Transfer for Investment in Jiangbei in 2017 1. A City of Culture and A Gateway to the World2. Vigorous Jiangbei3. Traffic in Jia...[details]
              Projects of Investment(2019)?
              Ningbo Jiangbei District is located in the northwest of the city, to the west of Yong River and Jiangdong District and to the north of Yao River. It is connected with Haishu District, Yinzhou District, its northern neighbor Zhenhai District and western neighbor Yuyao city. Jiangbei District, the biggest central area and significant metropolitan development area, plays an important role in functioning as the portal area of Ningbo to get integrated...[details]
              Jiangbei G Office [2018] No. 106 (An extract) Offices of all sub-districts in Jiangbei, the People’s Government of Cicheng Town, all departments and direct subordinate units of t...[details]
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              Opening of the Ningbo E-business Innovation DistrictNingbo E-business Innovation District, based on the Ningbo E-commerce City Planning, was set up in May 2015 by Ningbo Municipal Party Committee a...[details]
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